Unique to Vancouver Island and centrally located in Victoria, British Columbia, the Garden of Memories is dedicated to the memorialization of those who have chosen cremation. Within our gardens, we offer individual, companion and family options: above-ground niches, memorial benches, urn gardens, tree estates or one-of-a-kind special features, all designed to provide every family selecting cremation a suitable place for permanent memorialization. Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery.

The Garden of Memories is located just minutes from downtown Victoria in the Royal Oak area. It is beautifully situated on the same property adjoining our First Memorial Funeral Services® location at 4725 Falaise Drive. Winding walkways, a waterfall, benches and fountains are just a few of the many unique features our gardens provide.

Listen to the waterfall and watch the delicate patterns of rain and sunlight dance across the pond. Designed by professional architects and engineered to maintain a natural balance through careful placement of trees, shrubbery, flowers and family estates, the garden is ecologically appealing, architecturally satisfying and economically sensible.

Other features of our beautiful gardens include:

  • Individual and companion options
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Outside lighting, providing night time visitation
  • Soft background music
  • Convenient parking
  • Perpetual care.

The options available within our gardens range in price according to individual preferences.

In order to provide for the future care and maintenance of our gardens, we have established a trust fund for this purpose. A portion of what you pay is deposited into this trust fund. The interest earned by the trust principal will be used for the future care and maintenance of our gardens which employs a full-time caretaker to supervise the upkeep.

Extensive research has proven to us that families choosing cremation want and need choices for permanent memorialization that reflect their lifestyle and attitudes about life. While the permanent scattering of cremated remains can be an option, one needs to remember that scattering is irreversible as there is no tangible place to put flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, no place of remembrance, no good-bye. Memorialization in the Garden of Memories offers families:

  • An opportunity to say good-bye.
  • An enduring link to the past, present and future.

Most importantly, memorialization offers the closure survivors need to be able to accept that a death has occurred and to start the healing process.

Please visit the Garden of Memories at 4725 Falaise Drive in Victoria or ask for a brochure to be mailed to you. (See the Contact Us link to the left).